Casa Gregorio is a small and comfortable lodge in the Tikuna indigenous community of San Martin de Amacayacu in Amacayacu National Park in the Colombian Amazon. People have really enjoyed their stay at Casa Gregorio because we aim for a very personalized experience and provide the opportunity to live in this community for a few days and learn about the inhabitants´ daily lives, victories, challenges and dreams. 

We organize jungle walks (during the day or night – distances and walking speed according to your wishes ), walks in the community and indigenous organic agricultural fields or fishing trips on the Amacayacu river, We also organize day trips to Puerto Nariño, the Tarapoto wetlands (pink and grey dolphins, renaco walking tree, watch tower, Natütama interpretation centre, etc….) and the community of Mocagua and the Maikuchiga monkey rehabilitation centre. In the afternoons, you can take one of the various super interesting handicraft workshops available, just relax, read or swim in the Amacayacu river. With three nights you can get a nice impression of this unique place, but with four or five nights you can really experience it all. 

Let us know with how many people you will be traveling and on which dates you would like to stay with us. If you have already bought your flights to Leticia, please specify the flight schedule in your email so we can be even more specific. Please know that Internet is not always available in the in this remote community. We always reply as soon as we can!

For conservation reasons, we do not organize overnight stays in the rainforest because we feel all animals should be able to roam freely at night, without the presence (again) of humans. Also, frequent use of campsites in the long run by various agencies will surely affect the conservation status of the rainforest in the community´s ancestral lands.