Community responsability

We of Casa Gregorio are very committed to wellbeing and future of San Martin de Amacayacu. On a voluntary basise we are involved in different community projects, which we have often generated ourselves. If you want to know more about what we have been doing for the community for years, please visit the following websites:

 Small World Foundation

Ancestral land conservation project (Indigenous Environmental Guard)

Tuirüpú Kindergarden: info only available on Facebook

Get 40 toilets for San Martin Done (for pictures, check the project page on Facebook)

Get Shit Done (for pictures, check the project page on Facebook)

Get Water & Boat Done (for pictures, check the project page on Facebook)  


Environmental sustainability

Naturally, we have the environment in mind with everything we do. Casa Gregorio recycles 95% of its non-organic waste and that of our neighbourhood by delivering it at the Fundación Amazonas Sin Limites in Leticia. They and the Colombian Army ensure it reaches Bogota´s recycle depots. Our organic waste feeds chickens, dogs, trees and many worms! We actively encourage everyone in the community to do the same, because together we can really make a difference.  

This and many other environmentally friendly policies have given Casa Gregorio Tripadvisor´s Green Leader Award Platinum