What to bring?

There is no shop to buy supplies in San Martin and you may have limited time to shop in Leticia before you travel to Casa Gregorio. So please don´t forget

  • Sunhat/wide rimmed hat,
  • refillable water bottle,
  • SPF 50+ sunscreen and insect repellent (if possible biodegradable),
  • a good flashlight with enough batteries for each person (your cell phone flashlight is not enough!),
  • bathing clothes,
  • flipflops/sandals,
  • long socks (making sure the boots don´t rub on your skin),
  • long sleeved shirt (an old cotton office shirt with buttons is ideal!),
  • long (quick dry) pants
  • zipseal bags for your delicate equipment (fotocamara, cell phones..).


Casa Gregorio recommends a good travel insurance and malaria preventing medication. Please consult your doctor about this and other required vaccines for the Amazon. The Colombian law does not allow lodging owners to provide medication to guests, only disinfectants and band aids for wounds. Therefore, please bring all the medication you may need, such as ORS and medication for diarrhea, headaches, itch (antihistamine such as loratadine) and upset stomach. Generally, there is no need, but some people can have trouble adjusting to the tropical climate of the Amazon jungle.