In addition to the rooms, we have a kitchen where you can  have a drink and watch how your delicious food is prepared. There is a big dining room with hammocks to relax in the afternoons. Electricity to charge your phones and batteries is available between 9am-12pm and 5-10pm. We only have WIFI for emergencies and a CLARO phone service is mostly minimal or non-existent. Drinking water, coffee, tea, rubber boots (up to size 47) and rain gear are free. Our aluminum boats are stable and safe and life jackets are provided.

Casa Gregorio´s facilities and activities are suited for basically everyone: Solo travelers, couples, groups up to max 10 people, families,  and also kids! If you have any physical limitations, please contact us and we´ll find out if we can also cater for you!



Casa Gregorio only offers complete packages which have been tailored-made in agreement with you. You can expect the cost of our packages generally to be anywhere between COP 400.000 and 600.000 per person per night. The exact price depends on the number of travelers and nights, the lodging options of your choice and the activities.

The price includes all activities, transport between Bocana Amacayacu and Casa Gregorio and during the activities, comfortable lodging, meals, drinking water, coffee & tea, rubber boots (up to size 47), entry fees, rain gear. You will have a private guide and transport at all times, unless we agree differently.

The price does not include the tourist tax of 35.000 COP pp charged upon arrival in Leticia, lodging or meals in Leticia, taxi fares in Leticia or the express boat. Please contact us for specific price indications. 

Note: The Colombian Amazon is an expensive destination in comparison to the interior of the country. Most products have to be flown in from Bogotá or spend weeks on cargo boats from the Peruvian or Colombian Andes to get here. Over the course of 2021-2022, product prices have increased between 40-100%, not only for businesses (of course) but for everyone! Our staff wages have been adjusted accordingly.  We apologize for any confusion generated by the Lonely Planet quotes, which have been copied and pasted from our first appearance in this travel guide in 2014. 


For an additional price, translation from Spanish to English can be arranged. However, most people will be just fine without this service. Our guides speak Spanish very slowly and they are quite used to speaking to foreigners with little Spanish. If you need to know the details about something you see during the activities, you can also take a picture and when you get back at Casa Gregorio, we can help you translate the explanation. We can also see if there is/are other traveler(s) with whom you can share the activities and who will be able to translate for you. This way, the itinerary itself will be cheaper for all and you don´t need to pay for a translator. Win win situation!


Lodging options

Casa Gregorio is a small lodge with a few very nice rooms. Make sure you get your reservation on time to secure availability according to your travel plans! We have:

  • one spacious and romantic private cabin with a single room and a spacious bathroom on the ground floor, a king size bed on the whole second floor and two single beds on the third. Ideal for a family, a group of friends or just a couple,
  • two comfortable rooms with a king size bed, two singles and a private bathoom,
  • two comfortable and cosey double rooms (standard double beds) with a spacious shared bathroom,
  • one triple room with a shared bathroom.

All beds are equiped with mosquito nets and each visitor has a personal towel and soap. 


How to get to Casa Gregorio and away?

Even though we can arrange private boat transport from Leticia to Casa Gregorio, this is quite expensive. Basically all our visitors take the public express boat from Leticia harbour up the Amazon river to the Bocana Amacayacu stop. This boat leaves at 7am, 10am and 1.30pm. The trip takes 1.5 to 2 hours  and costs COP 31.000 pp. The cost of the express boat is not included in the Casa Gregorio package. We will reserve your seats and you will pay for the tickets at least an hour before departure, unless we agree differently. Please be on the floating dock in Leticia harbour half an hour before departure!

If you wish to travel to Casa Gregorio efficiently, we suggest you book any flight from Bogotá to Leticia arriving before 11.30am (LATAM), or 12.30pm at the very latest. This way, you should have enough time to catch the 1.30pm express boat from the Leticia harbor. You can easily find a taxi at the airport to take you there (less than 10mins, COP 10.000). If you arrive in Leticia after 1pm it is necessary to spend the night in Leticia.

We will be in Bocana Amacayacu to pick you up for another 20 minute boat trip to San Martin de Amacayacu, so it´s important we coordinate well and be at the express boat floating dock in Leticia habour on time to catch the reserved express boat! The express boat goes back to Leticia at 7am, 11am and 3pm daily and costs COP 36.000 pp. We make sure you get to the Bocana Amacayacu stop on time!

For your flight back to Bogotá, we recommend purchasing a flight that leaves Leticia after 2pm so you will have plenty of time to return to Leticia. First option at 7am and then another at 11am.



All meals at Casa Gregorio are prepared with mostly fresh and bio-organic ingredients provided by the inhabitants of San Martin or surrounding communities. We aim for variety with each meal and include plenty of fruits and vegetables. As there is no supermarket in the community, the actual ingredients largely depend on seasonal availability. Count mostly on fish, chicken and eggs and please let us know if you are vegetarian, vegan of if you have any other dietary requirements such as gluten-free or lactose-intolerant. We are confident that we can surprise you with every meal!  



We would like you to please understand that the Amazon jungle is very good at hiding its treasures. Most mammals are nocturnal and asleep during the day. Also, even if they are active during the day, they have excellent camouflage and will note human presence a long time before you can even come near. Despite the fact that some tourists have been so lucky to spot a jaguar, a giant otter or a tapir during their jungle walks, please try not to expect an anaconda or caiman at each bend in the river or a jaguar behind each tree. This would make it very hard for us to meet your expectations!

But there are so many animals out there and you will likely see tracks of them! Amazing! And you will see plenty of birdlife, spiders and insects; they are often totally amazing too! Reptiles such as frogs, toads or snakes are usually around as well. Our suggestion is to let yourself be overwhelmed by the great Amazon jungle as a whole, the lungs of the world!


Contact us for your reservation!